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While I was reading the excellent book by Kevin Suffern "Ray tracing from the ground up", I implemented a ray tracer in Java and wrote a DSL in Groovy, to describe scenes more easily and dynamically.

The implementation of the heat diffusion equation on multiple GPUs is explained in the talk (in german).

I tested the parallel ray tracer on all NVIDIA cards i bought. This page contains the results.

I wanted to learn some frameworks for parallel computing and i decided to implement a simple ray tracer as a "visual benchmark".

Guter Überblick

“Polygon Mesh Processing” ist ein “research monograph”’ über die Verarbeitung von Polygonnetzen (“‘polygon mesh’”).

“Ray Tracing from the Ground Up” ist ein hervorragendes Buch für Einsteiger und Fortgeschrittene. Man merkt, dass sich der Autor viele Jahre mit dem Thema beschäftigt hat und dass er selber Ray Tracer geschrieben hat.

During the christmas holidays i rewrote my ray tracer for the NVIDIA CUDA architecture.

Ray tracer running on an Intel Core i7 920 @2.67 MHz with Windows Vista Ultimate 64. The ray tracer uses the pthreads library for parallelization.

I tested my ray tracer on my Mac Book Pro. The peak performance is achieved with 7 threads. Programmed in C++ using the pthreads library.

I wanted to learn about the cell broadband engine used in the Playstation 3 and wrote a parallel ray tracer for it.

I am fascinated by the possibilities of modern computer graphics. It all began while playing the game Little Big Planet. It does not look like a computer game. It looks like the results of handicraft work with scissors, glue, paper, drapery, etc.