Little big planet and computer graphics

I am fascinated by the possibilities of modern computer graphics. It all began while playing the game Little Big Planet. It does not look like a computer game. It looks like the results of handicraft work with scissors, glue, paper, drapery, etc.

Little Big Planet

This is "real-time rendering". If you take more time you can render photo-realistic images today. Is the following picture a photograph of the real world ?

Rendered with luxrender

Hhmm. Maybe the green is a little bit too green. But overall it looks like a photo. And this one ?

Rendered with luxrender

There were both rendered with luxrender. See the gallery for many wonderful examples of modern rendering art.


Well, now i am hooked on computer graphics (again) and i found the following nice and readable books. As an introduction i recommend the book of Akenine-Möller See my reviews for further information.

 "New version of the library of geometric algorithms in Haskell" "An excercise in parallelization with the Cell Broadband Engine"