Article about coroutines in Kotlin (2019)

I wrote an article for the magazine "iX Developer Programmieren heute 1/2019" called "To block or not to block - Koroutinen: weniger warten, asynchron arbeiten"

Talk at the parallel 2019

At the parallel 2019 I talked about "Nebenläufigkeit mit Kotlin's Koroutinen" (in german). After a short introduction into Kotlin, the talk explains coroutines and their usage.

Talk at the parallel 2017

At the parallel 2017 I gave a talk about "GPU computing with CUDA in OpenCL" (in german). This talk contains all the necessary background knowledge needed for a succesful start into GPU computing.

Talk at the parallel 2015

At the parallel 2015 i gave a talk about multi GPU computing titled "Multi-GPU-Computing: Eins, zwei, drei, ganz viele".

Talk at the parallel 2014

In the talk "Tipps & Tricks für den erfolgreichen Einsatz von GPU-Computing" (tips and tricks for the successful use of GPU computing) i gave an introduction into the optimization of GPU kernels.

Tam Hanna wrote in his blog "Die mobile Denkfabrik" "Jörn Dinkla bot derweil ein interessantes Kontrastprogramm ..." ("Jörn Dinkla provided an interesting contrast").

Two articles in "iX Developer Programmieren heute" (2013)

I published two articles in the magazine "iX Developer Programmieren heute 1/2013"
  • Massiv parallel - Grundlagen der GPU Programmierung (Massively parallel - Introduction into GPU computing)
  • GPU-Programmierung in der Praxis mit CUDA (Programming GPUs with CUDA)

Talk at the parallel 2012

I gave a talk about my experiences with GPU computing with CUDA and OpenCL, titled "GPU-Computing mit CUDA und OpenCL in der Praxis" ( GPU computing with CUDA and OpenCL in practice).

Technical proofer for Manning Publications Co. (2011)

I was technical proofer of the book "OpenCL in Action" for Manning Publications Co.. The author Matthew Scarpino says in the acknowledgements "Jörn Dinkla is, simply put, the best technical editor I’ve ever worked with".

Groovy, EMF and UML2 (2009)

I wrote the Groovy EMF builder and the Groovy UML2 builder. These tools use the builder concept of the programming language Groovy to ease the processing of Eclipse Modelling Framework and UML2 code. Ed Merks, the project lead of the Eclipse Modelling Frameworks (EMF) wrote "This sounds too cool. I wish I had time to explore. I wonder if this might make an interesting EMFT component?"

6. at the Dynamic Languages Shootout at OOP (2008)

The german magazine JavaSpektrum organized the programming contest " Dynamic Languages Shootout" for the OOP 2008 conference . The challenge was to create a game similiar to Scrabble(R) in a dynamically typed programming language. I used Groovy and Grails and came 6th. See further information.

Eclipse (2007)

I participated at Eclipse BugDays in july, august, september, october and november 2007 an helped debugging the eclipse projects JDT, PDE/UI and ECF.

Fraud Detection with Artificial Intelligence (1999 - 2003)

In november 2001 my web pages on fraud detection with artificial intelligence were the site of the month (Le site du mois) of the former web-datamining.net. These pages are gone and are only available at the internet archive.

My web pages on fraud are referenced in the books Investigative Data Mining for Security and Criminal Detection by Jesus Mena and Computer and Intrusion Forensics by George Mohay et. al.

PC graphic cards (1993)

In 1993 a graphics resolution of 640x480 in true color was state of the art. A wrote a letter with sample code that showed how to achieve this resolution to the german magazine c't and they published it in an article. Moduswechsel - TrueColor-Programmierung der Diamond Speedstar 24x