Dynamic Languages Shootout / OOP 2008

February 01, 2008

The german magazine JavaSpektrum organized the "Dynamic Languages Shootout" contest for the OOP 2008 conference. The challenge was to create a computer game similiar to Scrabble in a dynamically typed programming language.

I used Groovy and Grails and came 6th place.


The following screenshots show the command line interface, the GUI and the grails web frontend. The program comes with dictionaries and user interfaces for english and german.


The documentation is available in german only. Sorry, but i did not had the time to translate it into english and it was a requirement of the contest to have german documentation.


There are the following packages available for download. They have to be used with Groovy 1.5.6 and Grails 1.0.3.

  • The binary distribution shootout-dinkla-bin-1.3.zip.
  • The source distribution shootout-dinkla-src-1.3.zip For compilation the binary distribution is also needed.
  • The grails distribution shootout-dinkla-grails-1.3.zip contains the code needed for running with the Grails framework.