Working for ThoughtWorks

February 01, 2017

After long considerations i decided to quit being a freelancer and joined ThoughtWorks in Hamburg, Germany.

Reasons for quitting being a freelancer:

  • A lot of projects for freelancers are boring from a technological point of view, e.g. Java 7/EE, SAP and ABAP/SAP
  • Often the project is already in a desolate state and more external people are brougth in late as firefighters, aka death march
  • As a freelancer you often work alone and are not really integrated into the team. But creating software is also a social process and integration of all people in a team is essential for building and delivering great projects.

Reasons for joining ThoughtWorks:

  • Always using state of the art technologies, see for example the Tech Radar
  • Interesting projects
  • Nice company culture with individual freedom and social responsibility
  • Non hierarchical company structure
  • Privately owned