Talk about coroutines in Kotlin at KKon 2021 Warmup

April 02, 2021

I will talk about “Nebenläufigkeit mit Koroutinen strukturieren” (“structuring concurrency with coroutines”) at the KKon 2021 Warmup.

Using concurrency or parallelism is often necessary for performance and scaling. Jörn Dinkla shows you how coroutines in Kotlin simplify software development with concurrency considerably.

Step by step, you will get to know the building blocks of the coroutines using short sample programs and you will learn how concurrency is structured with coroutines in order to make software clearer and easier to maintain. In addition to the elementary components, Jörn Dinkla also deals with exception handling and advanced topics: data structures for communication via shared memory, flows, interfaces for reactive programming and use with Android and Swing. He also introduces Ktor and other Kotlin libraries based on coroutines.