Programming languages, frameworks and tools

Here is an excerpt of the software tools and programming languages i used.

The proficiency is discretized into the following four values:

Basic Short uses in a project, foundations well known
Advanced Longer use in projects
Proficient Many years of experience or very intensive experience
Expert Extraordinary knowledge, wrote articles published in the web or in magazines

The first table contains software used in the last five years. The second table contains the items that i haven't used for more than five years (but often still remember ;-)). The tables use DataTables: you can sort (by clicking the header) and search this table.

This list is also available as text (UTF-8) file.

Current (≤ 5 years)

Category Name Proficiency Last year used
Operating System Unix: AIX, BSD, HP/UX, Linux, Sun Solaris Proficient 2024
Operating System Mac OS X Proficient 2024
Operating System Windows Proficient 2024
IDE IntelliJ IDEA Proficient 2024
IDE Microsoft Visual Studio Code Advanced 2024
Office Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint Proficient 2024
Method UML Proficient 2024
C++ C/C++/C++ 11/C++ 14/C++ 17/C++ 20 Proficient 2021
C++ Boost Library Advanced 2021
Database SQL Proficient 2022
Database PostgreSQL Advanced 2024
Database MySQL / MariaDB Proficient 2018
Database MongoDB Advanced 2018
Programming Language Groovy Expert 2020
Programming Language Clojure Advanced 2018
Programming Language Java, Java 8, Java 11, Java 17 Expert 2024
Programming Language Kotlin Expert 2024
Programming Language Python Advanced 2024
Programming Language Ruby Advanced 2018
Programming Language Shell scripting (Bash, Korn-Shell, Tcsh, Sed, Awk) Proficient 2024
Programming Language XML, XML Schema, DTD, XSLT Proficient 2024
Big Data NoSQL Proficient 2024
Big Data Machine Learning, Data Mining Proficient 2020
Java JUnit Proficient 2024
Java TestNG Proficient 2018
Java Swing/AWT Advanced 2020
Java Gradle Advanced 2024
Java Spring Boot, Spring Framework Advanced 2022
JavaScript JavaScript Proficient 2024
JavaScript TypeScript Advanced 2024
JavaScrip node.js Advanced 2024
JavaScript Jest Advanced 2024
JavaScript React Advanced 2020
JavaScript Redux Advanced 2020
Frameworks git Proficient 2024
Frameworks Jenkins CI (Continuous Integration) Advanced 2022
Web HTML, HTML5, XHTML, CSS, CSS3 Proficient 2024
Web Bootstrap Proficient 2024
Web REST, RESTful Proficient 2024
Web Jekyll Advanced 2024
Cloud Docker Advanced 2024
Cloud Amazon Web Services (EC2, Fargate, S3, Lambda, SNS, SQS, Aurora, Dynamo, etc.) Advanced 2024
Cloud Terraform Advanced 2023
Programming Language Go/Golang Advanced 2020
JavaScript Webpack Advanced 2020
Java Maven Basic 2023
Java Camunda BPMN Basic 2022

Older (> 5 years)

Category Name Proficiency Last year used
IDE Eclipse Expert 2016
IDE Microsoft Visual Studio Proficient 2015
IDE Xcode Basic 2014
IDE NetBeans Proficient 2016
IDE Atom Advanced 2016
IDE Sublime Advanced 2016
Office Apple Keynote, Pages, Numbers Proficient 2014
Office OpenOffice Proficient 2015
C++ Standard Template Library (STL) Advanced 2016
C++ GPU Computing: NVIDIA CUDA, OpenCL, C++ AMP Expert 2017
C++ OpenGL Advanced 2017
C++ OpenMP Proficient 2015
Database NeoJ Advanced 2016
Database CouchDB Basic 2015
Database Elasticsearch Basic 2016
Programming Language Haskell (Functional programming) Expert 2014
Programming Language Scala Proficient 2016
Big Data R Advanced 2015
Big Data MapReduce Proficient 2015
Big Data Hadoop Advanced 2015
Big Data Apache HDFS Basic 2015
Big Data Apache Spark Advanced 2015
Big Data Data Science Proficient 2016
Java Ant Proficient 2016
Java JDBC Proficient 2017
Java Apache POI Proficient 2016
Java Hibernate Advanced 2016
Java Akka Basic 2015
Java Spock Basic 2016
JavaScript Grunt Basic 2015
JavaScript Mocha Basic 2016
JavaScript Chai Basic 2016
JavaScript Express Advanced 2016
JavaScript Angular Basic 2016
JavaScript D3.js Advanced 2016
Frameworks SBT Basic 2015
Web Application Server (Oracle, JBoss, Glassfish) Advanced 2016
Web Java Server Pages (JSP), Groovy Server Pages (GSP) Proficient 2016
Web Web 2.0/AJAX Frameworks (Prototype, Scriptaculous, etc.) Advanced 2015
Web jQuery Advanced 2015

Very old (> 10 years)

Category Name Proficiency Last year used
Office Microsoft Project Advanced 2007
Method PowerDesigner Proficient 2007
Method ERwin Proficient 2007
Method Meta Object Facility (MOF, EMOF) Advanced 2007
Eclipse Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) Expert 2008
Eclipse Graphical Editor Framework (GEF) Advanced 2005
Eclipse Java Emitter Templates (JET) Advanced 2005
Eclipse Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT) Proficient 2008
Eclipse Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT) Basic 2006
Eclipse UML2 Expert 2008
Eclipse JFace, JFace Data Binding, Eclipse Data Binding Advanced 2008
C++ Cell Broadband Engine / Playstation 3 Advanced 2009
C++ POSIX threads (pthreads) Proficient 2012
C++ Qt Basic 2012
Database IBM DB2 Advanced 2006
Database Microsoft SQL Server Advanced 2003
Database Oracle database, PL/SQL Proficient 2009
Programming Language Prolog (Logic programming) Expert 1997
Programming Language Microsoft Visual Basic Advanced 2001
Programming Language Old programming languages: PL/I, Fortran, Cobol Advanced 1993
Programming Language Perl Expert 2009
Programming Language Turbo Pascal, Borland Pascal Proficient 1992
Big Data Ab Initio Expert 2009
Java AspectJ/AJDT Basic 2005
Java iBATIS Proficient 2008
Java Java EE, JEE, J2EE Advanced 2009
Frameworks Parser generators: ANTLR, Yacc, Flex Proficient 2007
Frameworks Subversion Expert 2012
Web Grails Proficient 2012
Web Struts Advanced 2008