About Jörn Dinkla

I am a computer scientist, software developer, consult companies and write books. I really love programming. And i also enjoy some other things.


The following games i played in 2020 the most:

I also enjoyed Dark Nights with Poe and Munro and Disco Elysium.

Meditation and yoga

I meditate daily since 2016 when i started with headspace. Since 2020 I also practice Yin yoga.

Complex systems

Creating complex systems is easy. Understanding them is not!


What is consciousness? How is it produced? Can be be build artificially with AI?

Technical development and the singularity

The technical development is getting faster. What are the inventions of the future? Is there a limit to progress?

Acting rational - "Reasoning"

What is rational behaviour? Can one teach it to computers? Are humans rational? Always? If humans are not can they learn it?


Computer graphics made unbelieveable progress.


I lived in the following cities: