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I create software solutions, consult companies and write books.

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Software development and related areas, like complex systems, networks, economy, the technical singularity, games and artificial intelligence.
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Die ‚komplexe‘ Perspektive
Information about my german book "Die ‚komplexe‘ Perspektive - Einführung in die digitale Wirtschaft" ("The complexity perspective - introduction to the digital economy")

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Jörn Dinkla, 201608

Article in "iX Developer Moderne Softwareentwicklung"

I wrote an articles for the german magazine "iX Developer Programmieren heute 1/2019":

  • "Verteilte Systeme: weniger warten, asynchron arbeiten" (in engl. "distributed systems: less waiting, asychronous working")

Talk about coroutines in Kotlin

I gave a talk about coroutines in Kotlin at the parallel 2019 conference.

Web-App with Node.js and D3.js

I implemented a web application for the analysis and visualization of family names during the "culture hackathon" Coding da Vinci Nord 2016.

I used Node.js, Express, Mocha, AngularJS, D3.js, Java 8, Neo4J, MariaDB and docker for this application.

Using Elasticsearch with Spring Boot

With "Spring Data Elasticsearch" you can integrate Spring Boot and Elastiksearch.

Reviewer of "Java 8 in Action" and "Introducing Data Science"

I bought the book Java 8 in Action in early access (MEAP) and decided to help as a reviewer. It was a good opportunity for me to learn all the new techniques Java 8 has to offer.

Since my first project in fraud detection in 1999 I am interested in data science. The reviews of the book Introducing Data Science helped my bringing my practical knowledge up to date.

k-d-trees with Apache Spark and Scala

"How are my customers geometrically distributed?" Find an answer with Apache Spark and orthogonal range queries in k-d-trees.

Two articles in "iX Developer Programmieren heute"

I wrote two articles for the german magazine "iX Developer Programmieren heute 1/2013":

  • Massiv parallel - Grundlagen der GPU Programmierung
  • GPU-Programmierung in der Praxis mit CUDA

Talks about GPU computing

I gave some talks about GPU computing:

Ray tracing with Groovy and Java

In the last years - when i had some free time - i worked on a ray tracer in Groovy and Java.

Technical proofer of "OpenCL in Action"

The OpenCL standard is not always easy and the technical proof was a challenge, because the code had to run on different os'es and platforms. But when Matthew Scarpino wrote "Jörn Dinkla is, simply put, the best technical editor I’ve ever worked with" (p. xvii) all the work was worth it.

Dynamic Languages Shootout / OOP 2008

6th at the "Dynamic Languages Shootout" using Groovy and Grails. The challenge was "Scrabble® in a dynamically typed programming language".

Haskell and functional programming

It is/was interessting to watch how functional programming went slowly into the mainstream. C++ 11 and Java 8 wouldn't exist without FP. In 1998 i wrote my diploma thesis on geometric algorithms in Haskell (in german).