I have more than 30 years of experience in software development and computer science:

  • 10 project years of Data warehousing, business intelligence (BI) and data science
  • 6 project years Java platform
  • 5 project years GPU computing and C++
  • 4 project years in frontend development
  • functional programming since 1994


  • Software architecture
    • Parallel, distributed and reactive systems, micro services, internet of things (IoT)
  • Object oriented and functional software development
    • Java (Java EE, Spring, Scala, Groovy), C++ 11, JavaScript, Haskell
  • Agile Development
    • Scrum, Kanban, Test driven development (TDD), Domain driven design (DDD)
  • Big Data, Data Science, Datawarehousing, Business Intelligence
    • RDBMS, NoSQL, ETL, Hadoop
  • GPU Computing
    • CUDA, OpenCL, C++ AMP

My method

I am an agile and pragmatic software developer and optimize productivity and code quality with innovative methods.

Customer focus
The customer is the "mother of the project."
Pragmatic and agile
Selection of "best practices" from the existing process models (XP, agile, SCRUM, Kanban), adapted to the project, the team and the task.
Iterative and incremental
Software consists of knowledge. A large part of this knowledge is created during the project and therefore the requirements change.
Only as a functioning whole a team is successful.
Generative and model-drive
Models allow time and quality gains
Test driven
Automated tests as early as possible.


You'll find detailed information about my previous projects, knowledge, etc. under the following links:

My projects
Chronological list of all my projects.
Knowledge of software development tools
The programming languages, software tools and frameworks i have know and have used.
Some highlights from my projects.
Short Vita
A short vita.
Jörn Dinkla, 201608


I worked in the following sectors and industries:

Sector Duration
Banking 9 project months
Insurance 5 project months
Retail, logistics, trade 12 project months = 1 project years
Telekommunications and internet 60 project months = 5 project years
Numerical methods 53 project months = 4,5 project years


Dipl.-Inform. is an (now outdated) german academic degree and can be translated as "diploma of computer science". It took at least 4.5 years (9 semesters) and is similiar to a masters degree.